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Addo offers arts consultancy and project management services to both private and public sector clients towards the delivery of high quality art works as part of urban and rural regeneration and development schemes. Our current clients include, Cardiff Community Housing Association, Leadbitter, To ...

Arts Connection

Arts Connection is an inspirational community arts organisation working in North Powys and the border communities. We are revenue funded by the Arts Council of Wales and have provided high quality participatory arts projects in a wide range of artistic mediums since 1994. Our work with schools, chil ...
Strata Series; Fault Lines 123cm x 55cm

Barbara Laws

The ancient art of mosaic has been an enduring passion and my chosen form of artistic expression for many years. Individual tesserae, or three dimensional cubes, are created from the fragmentation of solid matter using a hardie and hammer, a method little changed since its use by Roman artisans. ...
Battersea Bridge swans

Catharine Marr-Johnson

Studied in London Chelsea following a classical training with an emphasis on anatomy and figurative work; she then took a course in bronze casting at the Sir John Cass School. She became a member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors with whom she shows annually in Cork Street, London. She organ ...
Close Encounter

Jean Lawley-Maitland

I make sculpture using drawings from life. My work is figurative, and includes 3D portraits, abstract heads and animals, varying in size and in the materials used. I also use my drawings and sculpture as continuances to a collage - each piece of art that I make continues on to my next piece, and in ...
Hand ov God

Jo Young - EarthArt

I make large ultraviolet hangings (6ft x 4ft), painted in acrylic, inspired by nature and other spiritual visions.

I also make small stone carvings, some to be used as jewellery and others as ornaments.

Video - short videos to music with different images and ideas running through ...
Gargoyle (Portland limestone)

Kevin Blockley

I have been carving stone for 20 years and was originally influenced by the medieval sculptures that surrounded me in my work (I am a Cathedrals Archaeologist).

I am largely self-taught, with some training in a marble studio in Pietrasanta, Italy in 2012.

Sculptors that have influenced ...
Ash Waves 2008. Ash Wood 5.0\

Nick Lloyd

My work is concerned with the experience of landscape mediated through drawing, photography and sculptures made from stone, wood, cast iron and occasionally bronze. I work from a studio base but have also made some large carved and constructed sculptures for public sites including commissioned w ...

Saffron Waghorn

Achitectural Stonemason,Sculptor,Letter designer and cutter. Stone of any variety is my preferred medium,Slate/Sandstone/Limestone,but I also work in wood,Oak. Mainly commissioned Site Specific Public Art which usually involves consultation, community workshops at design and practical levels. Scu ...


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