Matt Sherratt

Matt Sherratt Matt Sherratt trained at Loughborough College of Art & Design graduating in 1992 with a First Class BA Hons Degree in Ceramics. In 2004 he gained an MA in Ceramics & Glass at the Royal College of Art. He has been resident artist at the National Portrait Gallery and South Hill Park in Bracknell, and taught at the City Lit College in Covent Garden London for over ten years. He is now based in North Wales where he focuses his time making in his new studio. My way of making has been changing considerably over the past twenty years. In the past I worked extensively with plaster, making forms from vacuum forming latex, a unique technique developed while studying at the RCA. Since then I have been drawn back to hand building and throwing which has allowed more freedom of expression. These pieces are made by throwing and coiling, combining the qualities of each technique. New forms are evolving: I am discovering the capabilities, pushing the possibilities and refining the final result. I spend a considerable time carving the clay to bring out the fluid curves and gradual change in direction. Finally a terra-sigillata is applied before firing. In some cases a velvet under-glaze is used to contrast the smooth surface of the terra-sigillata. The landscape around me offers the basis of my inspiration. I am intrigued by objets trouves which show the depredations of time: rocks, stones, shells, bones, branches eroded, worn and smoothed. I am drawn to the curves and hollows and elisions created by the passage of time, for example, the scooped-out shape of an ancient stone step at the entrance to my local church and near my studio I find rocks transformed by fast flowing water located in an old quarry. I was recently awarded a grant from the Arts Council of Wales titled Mindful and Mastery: this has enabled me to develop this new body of work reflecting these forms.

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