Rebecca Loncraine

I write creative non-fiction. My agent is James Gill at United Agents: www.
   I was born in rural Wiltshire and moved to Wales when I was 11 years old, growing up on a hill farm in the Black Mountains. I went to art school for a year, left for university with a passion for literature, and eventually gained a doctorate in English Literature from Oxford University. 
    My first book is The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baum (Gotham, Penguin USA, 2009). My research for the book included storm chasing across the American Midwest and two months as writer-in-residence at The Gershwin Hotel in New York City. The first literary biography of L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz, the book tells the story of the origins of Oz in the transformative era of American history between the Civil War and the birth of cinema, pulling back the curtain on the vivid life and eccentric imagination of the creator of America's first modern fairy tale. This unconventional biography is less the story of a life and more a tale of one man's imagination. It also explores the power of fairy tales.
   I am now writing a book about flight and the human imagination, entitled Skybound, to be published by Picador in 2016. This book is inspired by my own experiences facing the psychological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of cancer by skydiving and learning to fly unpowered aircraft in Wales and elsewhere. I was hosted in New Zealand by extreme flying organisation Glide Omarama as their first writer-in-residence, have flown with some of the world's top pilots in the extreme mountain soaring environment of the Southern Alps and then travelled to Nepal to fly with trained vultures by tandem paraglider in the foothills of the Himalayas.
   I participated in the Mountain and Wilderness Writers Program at The Banff Center in Canada, where I worked on Skybound with editors Marni Jackson and Anthony Whittome (see:

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I am passionate about the therapeutic potential of creative writing, immersion in the natural world and mindfulness. I run workshops across the UK and US for various groups of all ages that combine creative writing with mindfulness to bring about transformation.Informing this work, I have a certific ...