Simon Hulbert

I make a range of pots associated with gardens and plants. Function is a primary role of these pieces. They are intended to be used for plants, or as a focal point within a specific garden design, paved area or conservatory. My work has always been varied in scale and complexity - from the humble plant pot, simply thrown, exploring the natural rich qualities of terracotta, through to the larger, one-off pieces which are often monumental in scale and take many days to coil, build and fire. My larger pieces, usually made to commission, reflect my long-standing interest in classical form and proportion. While this is an underlying theme, I take pleasure in adopting a looser approach which exploits the softer qualities of clay. As a result, the pots are constructed using a combination of throwing, press-moulding and coiling. All the decoration and embellishment is carried out with the clay in its raw state in order to maintain a fresh surface quality. The pieces are then high-fired to bring out the rich colours of the clay and slips and to ensure that they are frost proof. After studying for an MA at Cardiff, I set up my first workshop at Tredegar House, Newport in South Wales where I spent my first six years as a working potter. After taking some time out travelling in the South Pacific (which included seven months working with traditional potters in Fiji, grant aided by the Fijian Arts Council), I settled in Hay-on-Wye where I share my studio with...

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