Tony Hall

As one of very small group of British potters working on large-scale pots, I throw in terracotta making the garden pottery that we are known for in this country. At my workshops, I also produce glazed floor and wall tiles and traditional slipware bowls and pitchers, in collaboration with Lois Hopwood. I am in the process of building a wood fired kiln for stoneware and ash glazes, and have been developing sculptural work of fired clay and burnt wood. My carved and burnt oak 'trees' are a grove of six freestanding pieces, a terracotta peace bell after the Japanese temple bells, oak studded plaques and iron nailed debt posts after African debt figures. We have a land art project in development for this year's h.Art Herefordshire Art Week in September, and I have work entered for this years Eisteddfod in Bala. I also undertake building restoration work.

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