Clive Hedger

I am primarily a painter, and currently use a traditional approach using tempera and oil glazing. I have been lucky to have been touched by the beauty in life and inspired to capture some of it in my artwork. In the wild places, in the heart of the hive and softness of the forest, I find my inspiration.
I see Painting as a way of bridging the inner and outer worlds exploring the mystery of being human, the relevance of the sacred within the relationships between man and woman, connections with plants and animals, the importance of community and the revealing of what may be unseen.

Some of my artwork is of a visionary nature and speaks of encounters with the sacred and spiritual worlds.

Over the last 3 years, I have exhibited my artwork in Brighton, Eastbourne, Glastonbury and Lewes, and sold internationally.

Along side painting I also look after several colonies of bees and run various bee related projects, teach dance, shamanism, meditation and creativity.

Contact Details

17 Railway Terrace
Builth Road
Builth Wells