Jo Evans

I am a welsh artist, born near Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, and spent much of my childhood on a dairy farm in the idyllic village of Llys-Y-Fran, next to the reservoir and country park in the foothills of the Presellies. When I was 18, my family moved to a village a few miles north of St David, on the spectacular Pembrokeshire coast. Having studied art & design at Pembrokeshire College, I went on to obtain a degree in graphic design from UWCN in Gwent. After leaving university I moved to Brecon. My first love is painting, however I enjoy undertaking freelance design work, including creating a large number of artworks for pumpclips & bottle labels for The Breconshire Brewery ( Whilst I mostly paint in acrylics, I enjoy experimenting with other media as well. When people ask me what do I paint, I like to smile broadly and say ?everything?. I have created seascapes based on the dramatic Pembrokeshire coast and I love painting landscapes, especially views over the stunning Brecon Beacons, where the light changes from day to day or even hour to hour. I enjoy painting pictures of flowers and trees, and have even experimented with using a twig from a tree to paint its silhouette against the autumn glory of the sunset. I also enjoy painting birds and animals, and will happily undertake commissions and pet portraits. However, I relish the challenge of painting people, and whilst child portraits are particularly demanding, I find them especially rewarding. There is one subject that particularly excites me... fantasy art! I absolutely love to draw and paint dragons. In fact, if I am sat still for more than 5 minutes I will usually have doodled something draconic in that time. The freedom to let my imagination run riot is irrepressible and the enjoyment of creating a new design is only matched by seeing the reactions of the people when they view them.

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