Chris Nurse

When we look at a visual image our impression of it is filtered through our internal memory banks of countless other images. When we see a rough and ready version of something by a non-artist - a child, a modest improviser or an outsider artist - a rich space for the imagination opens up between the real object and its representation, and that is where I situate my paintings. Scarecrows, snowmen, dolls, models, plate gardens, biscuit and vegetable sculptures and the like share this potential and by playfully making my own versions I can create and manipulate subject matter to paint from. I have recently begun working with used packaging, plastic cartons, tins and boxes put aside for recycling. A cat food factory and a paint factory are two scenarios that have emerged from the improvised process of construction. By taking humble, humorous and unlikely objects and observing them intently, I can encourage the viewer to take a second look.

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