Kumar Saraff

For several years now my work has focused primarily on painting.
Inspired by personal encounters with environment , some familiar, others seen for the first time,
landscape and interiors- rural and urban. Working from life and memory, but also with the help of digital media, The work explores the transient moments in life. Using colour and light effects on surfaces to take the viewer on an exploration of paint on surface.

 In the landscape paintings the elements play with the point between land and sky, light will often breakdown forms.
in the studio paintings, panels of 4 or perhaps 5 paintings are assembled into a sequence of narrative performances, which take place within theatrical interiors and from behind closed doors, in familiar and intimate surroundings. They are all telling stories, posing questions and suggesting many possibilities, but it is the spectator who always makes the final picture.

When I look at my surroundings, the moods of nature, and evidence of the people that have shaped that environment are an inevitable presence in the work, be that inside or the landscape outside.

As well as my own working practice, I have worked on various arts projects, with students of all ages from; A-Level to BTEC and many smaller art groups.

Creative services

Work shops in drawing, painting, printmaking, design

I offer workshops and longer courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, design. I have enjoyed bringing out the creative possibilities in people of all ages and abilities.