Sally Hope Woodroffe

I am a singer/songwriter, Composer, Artist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist
I have two albums to date 'Medicine' and 'Pearl' - some amazing musicians on these albums - I am currently recording a new album - inspired by the welsh misty mountains and the beauty of this wonderful area.

Pearl has some wonderful photographs of the area in its ten page colour booklet. The album ranges from acoustic 'feel good' music such as Blue Skies to the arabian sound of Lullaby.

Medicine includes a whole gospel choir with the fantastic Una May leading it! and some wonderful musicians yet again, amongst them Jezz Woodroffe and Robbie Blunt who have toured and co written 'Big Log' with Robert Plant.

I had an exhibition called: 'A Celebration of the Divine Feminine'
I was inspired by the idea of 'Icons' being painted whilst projecting love and healing into the painting, so I did a series of ten of them! 'Marie Icon' oil with gold leaf. I paint these by commission as they are painted with each individual in mind

Here are some of my other paintings available from Website is now at for my music and a new for my counselling work - I have just finished a workbook '7 Steps to Transform Your Self Worth' it will be available soon, weekly 'Relaxation' classes in Llanidloes and group work soon

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