In 2008 Husband and Wife team, Chris and Tanith Fox-James started trading as FoxGlass producing handcrafted Borosilicate Glass Art; all their products are uniquely designed, developed and created by the couple. Chris takes rods of coloured and clear glass and melts them in a hot flame using a special flameworking torch. The molten glass is then shaped and transformed into spectacular individual pendants, marbles and many other glass creations. These items can either be purchased direct from FoxGlass at any one of the many events we attend, or through one of our retailers. Bespoke creations are availbleupon request. More information on FoxGlass can be found on the website

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Glass blowing, flameworking

In my practice as a glass flameworker, I take rods and tubes of coloured and clear borosilicate glass (Pyrex) and melt and manipulate them in a high temperature flame to create unique glass gifts including pendants, small vessels and sculptural glass art. I can provide a variety of bespoke tuiti ...

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