Maureen Preen

In 1960, age 16, I wanted to be a zoo-keeper. At Chester Zoo they said "Go to work in kennels first". At the kennels I fell in love with Samoyed dogs. Then I became a zoo-keeper. Having got that out of my system I trained to be a cartographical draughts- woman, but age 21 I met an antique dealer. We moved to Welshpool, opened a shop, restored a ruined cottage and bred Welsh ponies. I had my first Samoyed dog, and looked for someone to spin her combings so I could knit a pair of mitts. At the Midland Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers, an old lady (of about 67!) said "We don?t spin dog hair - why don't you learn to do it yourself dear?". And she showed me how to use a drop spindle. I progressed to a spinning wheel, and other Samoyed owners paid me to spin their dogs' combings. In the 1970's I joined the Montgomeryshire Guild of S.W.D and met Sasha Kagan and Carrie White who encouraged me to knit big jackets with my hand-spun, naturally dyed yarn. They introduced my knitwear to their agent in Los Angeles, and my jackets sold to the top stores in America. There I discovered weaving sticks, and in 1987, introduced them to this country where they continue to sell in their thousands, along with their "big brother" the Peg loom, under my trade name Woodcymru. Now, myself an "old lady of 67", I welcome all comers to my cottage near Welshpool where I teach spinning, natural dyes and how to use the simple weaving and cord-making products which are made just down the road in the bungalow my grand-parents had built in 1926. Mum and I lived there with them because my dad was killed in World War 2. Much of my life I've been aware of being looked after and guided by Someone up there. Is it my Dad, a guardian angel, people who have loved me and passed away? Look at my story - there is a Plan, and it wasn't mine, but after doing the Alpha course (twice) I had a Believer's baptism and rejoice in the knowledge that it has been God's plan all along. He has one for everyone if they would but listen. Now, I delight in discovering what He has for me each day. Psalm 37. Verses 3-9.

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Ivy House, Deep Cutting
Pool Quay
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