Will Llawerch

Born and raised in Wales, I am an actor, writer, singer, presenter, lecturer and avid history buff, whose talents and interests have taken me from theatre productions around Wales to Eastern Canada and back again. My career began when I obtained a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts at Coleg Powys in 1998. From there, I was a cast member of local productions until being offered a seasonal position with Downstage Productions in Canada, which eventually turned into eight seasons. My engagement with Downstage Productions under the directorship of Michelle Daigle broadened my range. The revue-style shows could be quite demanding, with my characters ranging from old men to milkmaids to lumberjacks in the space of 30 minutes, and with the occasional bit of Gilbert & Sullivan thrown in. Recently, having been cast as a Vicar doubting his Faith in B1 Production 'Faith', I was then fortunate enough to be cast 'Principal role' in Daniel S. Allan-Glide's short film, 'Tiddleywinks'. In the film festival hopeful, 'Tiddleywinks', I Played Bruce Leyland, a journalist who discovers a scoop about a shadowy company that abducts people at their own request and cures them of their phobia's by scaring the daylights out of them. ? "Its a very dark comedy and may be extended into a feature length independant film in the future. The experience of being in the film was great, I learnt so much" As a writer, my Little Iron Age Skills books are popular with schools and museum stores around Wales and the UK. I am currently working on the first of three planned novels, called Celtic Fury. I like to write and set each scene the way you would if directing a movie or writing a play. It's not enough to say that he or she walked into a room, I like to describe the whole room, set the scene for the reader so that they get the full picture. The only part of my books I don't describe specifically are my characters, because I want the reader to conjure up their own feelings on how a character may look in their minds eye. For me, singing is a passion that lends itself well to my other attributes. I particularly love folk songs; singing them is almost the last surviving example of teaching others about your history and culture orally, the way the ancient bards did. But I'm just as happy belting out Andrew Lloyd Webber hits! I have recently completed my first pilot radio project, The Wild Welsh Willey Show. Its a bit rough, because I had to improvise the whole show due to a technical oversight. My hope is that the 'potential' for a show is what catches people's imagination. You can find out more and hear the broadcast by visiting: and clicking the 'Listen to the show' link. If you want to view my 'special skills' including accents, weapons profficiency, horse-riding and musical range etc , please check out the Special Skills page of:

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