Julia Harris

I am mainly a watercolour artist. I get excited by the very act of painting, the brushstrokes, the water and the colour flowing on the paper. The essence of my painting is a blend of spontaneity and control, but first there must be freedom to paint without limits, to go were the paint leads and then invite the viewer into my picture. I am particularly interested in contemporary Welsh landscape, for which I use a wide range of different media depending on my interpretation of the subject and its mood. I enjoy studies of animals, to which I try to give life, expression and character. I have recently started using a new kind of acrylic paint which responds in a very similar way to watercolour; using lots of water, I can drag the colours through to create a translucent quality with more vibrant colours which is ideal for a picture with more impact. I love the mediums I work in, as they allow me to express my interpretation of the subject in my own painting style.

Contact Details

Dolfan Barn
Llanwrtyd Wells