Tony David Roberts

Current practice (bas-relief paintings) The initial starting point of all my creative work is discarded books, this is the vehicle I use to create the layered effect which is the backbone of my work. This style came about from observing how companies in particular, discard printed matter without considering the research, time and effort that has gone into producing these items. All the books I have used in these projects have been in their life, the vision and inspiration of someone. The contents, both text and imagery would have occupied a number of people for months and possibly years to the cost of thousands of pounds. I give them a different dimension in a new format, where their previous purpose and meaning mybe considered. Together with the colour, texture and images used, the lighting of this work is vital to create visual impact. For four and a half years I have developed and worked on these bas relief paintings which have been described as a cross between sculpture and painting with a look of ceramics. To create this work I use: acrylic paint, plaster, glass/mirror, enamel, copper wire, pva, oil pastel, wood, textiles, various polishes, dyes, tape, an assortment of metals and photographic material. Once the work is complete it is preserved and sealed making the final piece of work practically maintenance free. My inspiration comes from the landscapes and shorelines of Wales. Since my involvement in the visual arts I have worked as a Graphic Designer, Typographer, Illustrator (2 and 3 dimensional) Art & Design lecturer and Painter. In this period I have liaised with architects, painters, illustrators, specialized designers, sculptors, teachers, school children, arts societies and marketing personnel.

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