Olivia Williams

I hold an intense passion and appreciation for the experience of place, in particular that of landscape; and have an ongoing fascination with the relationship between humans and the Earth's elements in terms of size, scale and age. That feeling of awe when being alone in a vast open space and being completely engulfed by the surrounding environment (the sublime), is one which is behind much of my creative drive. Drawing is the starting point for all my work. I produce predominantly 2 dimensional works on paper and canvas, aiming to combine the sculptural elements I observe in the landscape by using a variety of thick and textural materials. Although my work appears increasingly abstracted, I see everything very figuratively, rarely being able to produce completely abstract work. I essentially view everything as a landscape. What may have begun as an un-informed wash of colour evolves through my vision to become a detailed description of place ... if only visible to myself. Since I aim to communicate a sense of place, I prefer to work out in the environment where there are no frames to block areas from vision ... the ground beneath your feet, that shadow from a cloud to your right, even the space behind you is important when experiencing a place. By visiting a sight repeatedly, studying the same location in numerous conditions a relationship with that place is formed ... similar to a friendship being built on conversations. Working predominantly in the mountainous environment of the Brecon Beacons, I have become increasingly intrigued with the constantly shifting weather systems and the affect the changing atmosphere has on light and colours visible to us in the landscape. But most importantly I have become fascinated with the study of geology: being able to read signs from the land, understanding why certain places look the way they do and what happened to form them. The formation and history of the Earth, is something that, as products of nature, we should all be aware of however hard the concept is to grasp. Observing the marks on the land and following the power of line through nature ... like reading a line of a poem ... Shapes, angles and distance all describe the story owned by the land.

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