Spike Blackhurst

I studied Fine Art Sculpture at Bath Spa University so that I could explore my love for sculpting with metal. It was eye-opening and interesting but afterwards I felt I needed more skill, precision and technical knowledge. So I took to following a career in Blacksmithing. I studied Blacksmithing and Metalwork at Hereford College. There I was able to achieve the high level of skill I had been searching for. Seven years ago I moved to Machynlleth and started my business in Artistic Blacksmithing which is based in Llanbrynmair. Recently I have felt proficient enough as an artist to begin working. I was awarded an Arts Council Grant enabling me to start again. I have my first major solo exhibition at Moma Wales in Machynlleth from 22nd September - 31st October 2009. This exhibition is the beginning of a journey and exploration into the world of bones and emotion. Metal and bone can both bend, break, shatter, snap and erode. I have always been fascinated with bones and I collect them whenever I find interesting animal bones and skulls. These bones give me insight and through these I find character and movement which I transfer to my sculptures. Louise Bourgeouis is a great source of inspiration and confidence for me. I deeply respect her as an artist and find real wonder in her work. This collection of art work is personal and identifies with the strengths and weaknesses of human emotion and their effects regarding spinal bones. I have utilised and adapted a new process which I named the bone technique. I feel that it reflects the visual feeling I wanted to achieve. One of the main forces behind my sculpture is the new processes I find through exploration with the medium of metal. I know I have only just scratched the surface of what I want to express and share.

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