Ian Phillips

The use of linocutting as a medium was initially inspired by Japanese woodblock printmakers. I was fascinated by the artists' ability to achieve such subtlety and depth with line and limited flat colour, and still accurately portray their society and landscape. To achieve the simplicity and beauty of Japanese prints and combine it with the drama and abstract patterns of western printmaking is my main aim. I print using the reductive technique. This involves cutting all the colours from a single lino block and printing by hand with a Baren. I walk with my sketchbook looking for colourful patterns and strong, simple shapes that capture my attention. These I record as a black and white line drawing with notes on colour and atmosphere. Using this drawing as the basis for my lino prints, I attempt to distill the beauty of a place to its essence while retaining some topographical and seasonal accuracy. I have been working on developing movement, pattern and abstraction within my work thanks to a small project grant from the ACW.

Creative services

Across Powys


I offer a workshop in printing linocut reduction by hand using a japanese Baren. The course begins by producing a black and white print and then on to a three/four colour print in three days. I supply all materials and we look at composition, technique, tools and materials. I also offer one to one t ...

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Studio 2, Second Floor London House
11 Maengwyn Street
SY20 8AA