Barbara Laws

The ancient art of mosaic has been an enduring passion and my chosen form of artistic expression for many years. Individual tesserae, or three dimensional cubes, are created from the fragmentation of solid matter using a hardie and hammer, a method little changed since its use by Roman artisans. The principle of making mosaic is to use tesserae in various ways, by paying attention to subtle variations of light, shadow and grout lines. In this way traditional techniques merge with contemporary ideas resulting in works of almost sculptural depth and luminosity and hopefully an enriched vocabulary between artist and viewer. In a recent project I have explored themes of national and environmental identity by gathering site-specific 'traces' of post-industrially associated geologic materials from the slag heaps of South Wales. These materials have been re-framed into 2 and 3D elements and embody a subject matter heavily imbued with poignancy and narrative which is essentially that of the Welsh miners story of human endeavour and sacrifice which lay at the heart of the Industrial Revolution and fuelled its global advancement. Memberships: 2001 became a member of BAMM (British Association of Modern Mosaics) 2007 became a member of AIMC (International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists), Ravenna.

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