Jo Hughes

I am a textile artist living in the Brecon Beacons. I hand make unique rugs and wall hangings using a punch needle. A punch needle is a hollow needle about the size of a pencil, where the yarn travels up the shaft to the eye. I use hessian as the backing material. Then working on a frame from the reverse of the design the yarn is pushed through to the front. I really like this technique because by varying the shaft of the needle the loop on the front can be of different lenghts. The finished rug or wallhangings are really 3D. My ripple rug is like walking on the beach when the tide has gone out. The pebble rug is rounded. The hedgehog wall hanging is soft not spikey. I have recently discovered freeform crochet and the hyperbolic plane. This is another really 3D effect which I am enjoying working with.

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