Christina Scurr

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Brecon Beacons and Welsh borders, I have developed a strong design sense, focused on symbolic and cultural images, abstract and conceptual designs. Celtic style designs form the basis of the current series. Using self-taught artistic techniques, I create distinctive, contemporary Celtic forms in acrylic inks, with intense colours and hues such as ultramarine & ochres. Much of my inspiration for the Celtic series has been drawn from early Celtic designs & Celtic Christian manuscripts. I have continued the age-old tradition of design synthesis, as these Celtic images seem to evolve through the centuries, extracting animal forms and recreating a contemporary Celtic style in a modern, vibrant medium. The paintings are built up by working wet in wet in small areas at a time, cloisonn? style, and achieving organic textures plus strong to subtle tones. I only use acrylic inks and calligraphy inks for their rich earth tones and vivid blues (much prized by early scribes), as well as for their light fast and waterproof properties.

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The Old Manse
Brecon Road