Jennifer Hall

I am a studio potter throwing slip decorated oven and tableware. During my B.A(Hons) Degree at Cardiff Institute of Higher education I studied ceramics under the guidance of Michael Casson, Peter Starkey and Geoffrey Swindell. There I discovered a passion for throwing functional earthenware pottery. After graduating in 1994 I gained employment at Gwili Pottery in Carmarthenshire. I worked here as a thrower and decorator for two years before moving to Buckinghamshire and setting up my own pottery during 1997. During 2001 I set up a new pottery in Mid Wales. I produce a wide range of pieces using red earthenware clay decorated with a combination of slips which are dipped, trailed and sgraffitoed. These processes provide a surface that displays the richness and fluidity of the honey and green non-toxic lead glazes. The forms of the pots are inspired by both their function and the making process itself. Elements from vessels of clay and metal both ancient and modern also influence the shapes of the objects.

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