Sue James

I work with natural dyes and British organic wool yarns to design and make a small collection of knitwear. I am largely self taught, building on a lifetime experience and having grown up in a family where it was believed that quality came from making things yourself. As a dyer, I am certified by the Soil Association, and produce the only fully certified dyed yarns in the country using natural - or vegetable - dyes. I try to use colours in a minimal way with all the undyed shades of wool, both to highlight those colours used and to minimise the use of dyes and mordants. I use a knitting machine as well as hand-knit techniques, with the aim of designing and making knitwear with lasting appeal. I use only British wool, being very interested in the history of the woollen trade in Britain and the appeal of the differing colours and textures that our native breeds can supply. I work with my daughter, who designs and makes clothes using Hemp, organic cotton and wool flannel from Melin Teifi. Together we aim to create a coherent collection, which we sell at exhibitions and through two shops.

Contact Details

3 Talgarth Business Park

07773 036436