David Lewis

I am a landscape and history writer interested in all types of landscape - urban, rural, industrial, prehistoric, neglected, overgrown, unloved! I have a background in theatre writing especially chamber pieces for small casts exploring historical subjects - Mary Magdalene as a Palestinian feminist revolutionary, the debauched chaos following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the personal effects of the Great War, the bloated madness and self-indulgence of the last days of the Beatles. Indirectly, landscape was central to all these pieces. I also write poetry which explores history and landscapes and how they tie together - family stories and the river Mersey, a doomed Arctic journey in diary form, pages to be scattered across the ice... I have written four books about the landscapes of my native north-west England and have two books in the pipeline. My landscape writings blog is an ongoing journal of landscape notes and ideas - and very small pieces of work! I have recently completed a year of seasonal journals online, using my daily activities as the starting point for (hopefully) poetic and beautiful observations of seasonal change. I enjoy collaborating with other artists especially visual artists, and exhibited texts alongside the large paintings of Steve Des Landes when we collaborated on a project about the Lancashire Mosses. I am currently in long-term collaboration with other painters. I use digital photography in my work and see it as another way of exploring and commenting on landscape.

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Harp Cottage
Old Radnor