Mari Fforde

I am a photographer living in Clyro. I am interested in creating visual art which does not alienate the viewer, but maybe makes them think about the visual interest that can be found along any chosen path. My photographs not only make me look for the beautiful and the intriguing in places that we might otherwise pass by, but also lets the viewer see the unusual in the otherwise commonplace. I have been employed by the Brecon Beacons Park authority for a variety of work for leaflets, publications, press releases and website work. I enjoy working outside and love the documentary aspect of working for the Park. My project called "Borders" is part of an ongoing project concerning the border between Wales and England. At first I began photographing along Offa?s Dyke, and then became interested in the history of the deliniation between the two countries and by the national border as shown on Ordanance Survey maps. I have chosen 6x6 film as my medium as I feel that this keeps my wider photographic skills developing, as digital is now the preferred medium for my commissioned work. Photography is going through vast changes with the development of digital technology, which has not only transformed the whole process of taking a picture but also our attitudes towards photography. Digital photographs are as immediate as is possible and clients often ask for work as soon as the shooting has finished. Using film and medium format makes the process more thoughtful and considered. You spend longer looking at the subject and consequently take fewer photographs.

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