Nick Lloyd

My work is concerned with the experience of landscape mediated through drawing, photography and sculptures made from stone, wood, cast iron and occasionally bronze. I work from a studio base but have also made some large carved and constructed sculptures for public sites including commissioned works in Tyne and Wear and Wolverhampton, and work made for symposia at Lake Vyrnwy, Beijing in China and Roldan in Argentina. My recent move to Powys and its stunning landscape of rolling hills, shifting qualities of light and secret quiet places is slowly shifting the patterns of my work. I continue to be intrigued by the pull and resonance of ancient places within the landscape. I seek, through symmetries of form, to find an echo of the way curves and circles continue to please the eye and help mediate the way light falls on stone or wood - and perhaps offer a metaphor for the enclosed quality of a shelter, tomb or enclosure.

Creative services

Scupture, stone carving, drawing

One and two day workshops based around an introduction to carving in stone and wood, use of tools, choosing materials and making links to landscape through walking; and considering how to site works, both in the landscape and indoors. Probably once or twice a year, and by arrangement. ...

Contact Details

The Old Beehive Bakery
Mount Road
Llanfair Caereinion
SY21 0AT