Francine Isaacs

As a visual artist living in rural Powys I am inspired by my surroundings and in particular by the piece of land which I cultivate. Alongside lecturing commitments and following a recent MA in Fine Art at Glyndwr University I have developed a visual language based on my experience of and relationship to, the garden in which I grow food and other useful materials.

The work reflects my concern for wider environmental issues:   the sustainable production of food, energy efficiency, systems thinking and how land and natural resources are utilised. I have used the aerial view of my garden design as a starting point and have developed a series of works in mixed media. These include paintings, prints, artist's books and textiles. In order to provide the context for more abstracted work, I undertook a year-long photographic project which is presented as a time-lapse animation.  I have used a scanning electron microscope and digital light microscope to view subject matter beyond the scope of normal vision.  Micrographs have been developed and incorporated into artists books, stamps and laser etchings.

Past work includes: five commissions for environmental/land art in the public domain and numerous works in handmade felt and mixed media.

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