Amy Sterly

My work is concerned with the forms that make up our modern landscape: the building, tower, skyscraper. The forms in which we live, work, love, communicate. They define who we are. We communicate through them. They have a relationship to us and the landscape. I have created a series of tower forms which relate to each other as figures. Given legs, they are anthropomorphised to reflect a range of ideas and emotions. I try to combine opposing forms, creating a tension between the industrial and the organic, the playful and the menacing, the object and the non-object. Originally from Chicago, I am inspired especially by the poems of Carl Sandburg; from Skyscraper I loom in the smoke And the stars And have a soul I use drypoint medium on card or plastic sheeting because I like the immediacy of the line and the ease of direct expression. I use them as quick sketches for sculptures, and the print technique gives them a gravity that make my ideas more concrete. I frequently use collage or letterpress lettering as well in my work. I also write reviews and art criticism for journals.

Creative services

Amy Sterly Printmaking Workshops

I teach drypoint and relief printmaking courses to all ages, as well as wax modelling for bronze casting courses for adults.

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Rose Cottage
Melin y ddol
Llanfair Caereinion
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