The Hostages

Tom and Jimi both agreed, the two new additions to The Hostages (Dean and Matt) has caused the creation of what can only be referred to as, a super band. The Hostages, originally formed in 2004, have so far had a colourful and thriving music career. Numerous performances (and band members) later has thus led to what they have referred to as a ?revamping? of the band. The Hostages are currently concentrating on expanding their local fan base and have an up coming video for their mesmeric new song 'Shoot my heart'. They play locally every weekend and are also releasing an EP called Last chance for The Hostages; the name deriving from their strong links to the band Last Chance For Day. Since 2004, and numerous gigs later, it is safe to say that the band put on one of the tightest and most entertaining shows in the Mid Wales area. Most bands start out because of the joy of playing music together with their friends, and although The Hostages still maintain some of their joyous naivety, it is clear that now more than ever that they mean business with their new image and a harder, more in-your-face sound. The new songs prove that those hours of practice and gigs have paid off, as the band appear before you like a well oiled machine, yet still pepper their set with those older sing-along favourites, and a dash of crowd-pleasing cover versions. Tom Jones, guitarist and lead vocalist, is the original Hostage and (although tends not to admit it) is a very gifted artist and photographer who, when not concentrating on the band, works in his grandparents hardware shop. Jimi Love, bassist and vocalist, other than obviously having the best name and a sweet crew cut, has been dubbed the ?band whore? for his incestuous links within the Mid-Wales music scene. When asked to describe himself, Jimi said he was more of the ?introverted thinker-type?. One new addition to the band, who also has glorious hair and links to Last Chance For Day (by being the drummer), is Dean Morgan. Dean could possibly be the most misleading character within the band, appearing to be ?totally bad-ass? he, on the contrary, is very engaging, sweet and conscientious. The second addition to the revamped Hostages is guitarist Matt Lodge. Matt is locally not only renowned as a guitarist but also as a gig promoter, he has produced his own solo music and is also the guitarist from Last Chance For Day. Overall, these guys (please excuse the clich?) have great chemistry, on stage and off. All four guys are somewhat different yet have pulled together to create something beautiful. All with a great sense of humour, a certain amount of modesty, talent and ability, the band don?t take themselves too seriously and are all utterly down to earth. Along with inspiration from Kasabian, The Hostages almost have an Arctic Monkeys sound about them but without the accent.

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