Brenda Bullock

Visual Artist and Photographer Born in Ireland and now living in Mid Wales Brenda Bullock is a photographer who draws on her wide experience to create exciting and innovative photographs. Brenda's background includes a BA Hon's in Media and Production Design as well as a HNC in computing which assists with post production work. Brenda has also trained in studio photography with accomplished photographers such as Paul Brooks, Simon Watkinson and Karen Frenkel. Brenda brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to all aspects of her work. She is continuing her study by doing a masters in Photography at Aberystwyth University. She has recently received a bursary from The Royal Photography Society . Recent work in Fine Art The fuel for this series of work in essence, is to explore the intriguing idea of alienation and social isolation. I have endeavoured to uncover the stories that lurk beneath the idyllic surface of our towns and villages, to talk with people about their stories of alienation and isolation. Ultimately I wish to bring to life through photography and film, what I hope will be a glimpse into the lives and histories, and capture a fraction in time of the lives of these people. I intend that the unique perspective demonstrated by my practice will enable the viewer a real glimpse into the realm of alienation.

Contact Details

Toad Hall
5 Clos y Berllan
Newbridge on Wye