Veronica Gibson

I paint 'Alla Prima', a method of painting where the Artist applies each stroke of paint to the entire canvas with the intention of letting it stay in the picture as part of the final statement, rather than than the traditional building of the image with several layers of paint. This method is dependent on swift decisive action.
In October 2009 I started a life drawing group in Brecon, which is niw thriving and a year on w have had our first exhibition.
Incorporating figures into my work is a result of returning to life drawing.
In 2005 I left full time teaching , to spend time developing my printmaking skills.
I obtained an Arts Council of Wales grant to take an Advanced Printmaking Course, working one to one with the manager of Swansea Print Workshop. During this time I focussed on Etching and Woodcut printmaking.
In 2007 I exhibited some of my etchings in Karachi, Pakistan with the Welsh Contemporary Printmakers and at the Nomad Gallery, Islamabad with Swansea Print Workshop.
Most recent activity has been developing the 'Drover' exhibition at Brecknock Museum and Art Gallery.
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8 Charles Street
The Watton