Grant Stevens

Grant Stevens is a designer with a background in electronics, computing and music. The devices he produces are used primarily in the music industry, but have also found use in education and art installation projects.

In 1999 he was the outright winner of the Welsh Development Agency funded Mid Wales Manufacturing challenge for innovation, with his design of an interactive hand held musical device called LIFE [Little Infinite Frequency Expander]. He received the first prize (for innovation) of ?7,000 with an additional ?5,000 as outright winner (in all categories).

With further development he succeeded in becoming one of the first individuals in Wales (Nov 2001) to secure funding through NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts) to develop version 2 of LIFE (L2) with an Invention and Innovation award of ?60,000 (Technology and Art).

He enjoys the challenge of combining new technology with organic qualities and re-cycled materials, as was evident (and applauded) in his development of L2.

Along with his electronic design work, he has for some time now been working with driftwood, creating a series of sculptures and other designs.

"I particularly enjoy working in this medium, from the gathering of the wood to refining the construction details and enjoying the finished pieces, several of which are now in private collections".

He is also keen to incorporate glass in his work and has produced many pieces, from small 'gem like insects', stained glass birds and butterflies to larger stained glass objects and panels.

He is working on incorporating electronic systems with renewable power sources (mainly PV solar) into his work to add further interest and dimension.

If you have any questions, or want further information about his work, please make contact in the first instance via email, thank you.

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