Martin Herbert

Biography: Martin Herbert is a 'second career' professional British artist currently residing in rural mid-Wales. Over the past few years I have additionally worked in Spain and Finland. Accomplished in both traditional and digital media, my work is becoming increasingly well known worldwide, and I have exhibited in a number of countries. I studied the old masters' method of oil and egg-tempera painting known as "Mische Technique" with Herr Professor Ernst Fuchs, a contemporary of both Salvador Dali and Picasso, in Vienna, Austria, but also use advanced 3D modelling software to create visually arresting organic abstract forms. I am a founder member of the British Visionary Artists Group. Recent group exibits include: (2011) MOMA Wales, Machynlleth Radnorshire Museum, Llandrindod Wells (2010) Stadshusets galleri, Hang?, Finland (Before 2010) The Mall Galleries, London, England The Williamsburg Institute, Brooklyn, New York, USA HR Giger Museum & Gallery, St. Germaine Castle, Gruyeres, Switzerland Vezzano Gallery, Trentino, Italy Lofhouse Gallerie, Rosshaupten, Germany Lauderdale House, Hampstead, London, England Artist Statement: Directions: Most recently, I have become more and more engaged with traditional drawing techniques, and large-scale drawings in traditional media now form a large part of my practice. "Functional Pumping Heart Model" is one of the most recent works, being a self-portrait both in the literal sense and also portraying an emotional journey. I also work extensively on symbolic figure painting in oils and egg-tempera. "Me da la Cabeza de Juan Bautista" ("Bring me the head of John the Baptist") is the latest of these to be completed. Processes: Traditional: I have synthesized the teachings of Ernst Fuchs and others into my own 'new masters' technique of painting in oils and egg-tempera, layering transparent colour glazes over brilliant white tempera drawing to gradually build up complex colour combinations which seem to glow within the canvas. I am constantly updating and improving the oil painting process to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with this most flexible and fluid of traditional media. I am currently working a lot with traditional drawing, in sepia ink, sanguine pencil and egg-tempera wash, on handmade paper. Digital: The "unlikely realms" series of organic digital abstract prints is a venture into proving the use of computerised digital printing as an original medium, rather than simply for reproductions. I use state of the art 3D fractal modelling software to create organic forms which at first sight appear to be sea-shells, plants, stones, or other natural objects, but which in fact have never existed in nature. Rather than being made from a palette of colours and shades as in traditional painting, they are made from a palette of shapes and textures which combine in new and sometimes unexpected ways. Influences: Alyssa Monks, Odd Nerdrum, Max Ernst, Ray Caesar, Zeng Hao, Maya Kulenovic, Daniel Merriam, Gil Bruvel, Peter Gric, Di-Maccio, Maxfield Parrish ....

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