James Jones Morris

Based in Mid Wales James Jones Morris is an artist animator. He makes animated films for theatre, exhibition, community projects and music promotion. Recent work includes animations made for; the theatre production of ?The Last of the Lake? by Rough Fiction, ?Lets Talk About Genetics? based around some young peoples research into cancer and genetics for Storyworks, and two films for Kensington Palace, ?William?s Dream? for Coney?s ?House of Cards? exhibition, and ?Dreams of Victoria? as part of WildWorks ?The Enchanted Palace?.

Spending his childhood roaming the wild hills and woods of Mid Wales exploration and nature are important to how James creates his work. He enjoys an organic approach to the creative process, using digital technology as a tool to combine the mostly hand made elements of his animations.

James also works as a community artist, helping others to create their own films and learn about animation.

James studied BA animation at Plymouth College of Art.

Creative services

Animation, photography & puppetry

I run workshops teaching people how to make their own animated films, starting off with simple techniques to get participants used to the concepts of animation and how to use the equipment. This can then be developed into experimenting with other forms of animation, and making longer, more complicat ...

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