Sean Harris

My long established practice as a printmaker was turned on its head in 2005 when, in making my first animated film Hela'r Twrch Trwyth (Hunting the Twrch Trwyth), I started to cut up my hand-made collagraph prints and animate them. Since then, in creating an extensive body of work that explores where we have come from, where we are and where we are going, I have collaborated with major institutions including the British Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, the British Council, the National Museums of Ireland, Scotland and Wales and communities all over the British Isles and beyond.

Sometimes I develop my work in solitary fashion - but to keep my self grounded and socialised, I enjoy devising projects that enable contributions from an eclectic range of people, young and old; zoologists, poets, archaeologists, geneticists, trombonists, storytellers, geologists, charlatans, speleologists and an array of obsessionals in between. All have a voice, all have something vital to bring to the process.

Hopefully the end results transcend pigeonholes and are not community art or children's art or old people's art or disabled people's art; rather good art that creates an emotional connection - and through the making and consideration of which, insight is gained, questions are raised and some things never seem the same again.

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