Vivi-Mari Carpelan

Vivi-Mari Carpelan is a Finnish artist now resident in Wales, United Kingdom. Her artistic practice targets the survival of the authentic self when immersed in the overpowering shadows of the collective consciousness, as well as times of liminality and transition.The value of emotional and subjective truth is opposed to the relentlessly objective and overly sanitised stance of a society bent on devaluing the non-conforming outsider?s personal needs. Her practice includes collage/mixed media, photography, film and sound art. She appropriates found materials from the collective domain, turning them into highly subjective expressions of an escapology based on courage and determination. Her artistic expression runs parallel with the experience of imprisonment in an imperfect body in an imbalanced world. Through a process of physical and emotional deconstruction and reconstruction, she attempts to bring attention to imperfection, decay and vulnerability, suggesting that these are inevitable and even necessary aspects of life that complement the glossiness of technological evolution. She feels that it?s necessary to observe and understand the interplay of the dichotomies in order to solve personal and collective dilemmas regarding human dignity and the intrinsic value of the individual experience.

Vivi-Mari Carpelan explores many media including mixed media, collage, photography, film and sound art. Recent production (2013 - 2014) includes Music for Liminal Times, a set of audio works at the intersection of music and sound art that explore liminal space, and several artist films about the human predicament (not least invisible illness), all of which can be viewed on her website.



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14, Shortbridge Street
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