Julie Jones

I am a visual artist working primarily in painting. I have a preoccupation with landscape and place throughout my practice. Methods of colour, mark-making and exploration of space are important in my work, as well as an interest in our relationship with nature. I am developing a new body of painting in which I am expanding modes of representation. I aim to use gestural, fluid mark making combined with a pared down, distorted or veiled image to create sensations of space and immediacy, both atmospheres specific to place and layers of experience over time. I use colour to heighten feelings or associations with memory and experience of place as well as to allude to space and light. I make regular walks where I make drawings and often use drawings as source material more than photographs. I also make oil paintings outside in the landscape, more specific to a single time and place than the studio work which contains a merging of sensations. I have responded to many kinds of landscapes, from the strangeness of urban hinterlands to remote weather-beaten mountains and derelicts. My current work responds to the woodlands around where I live, both from overgrown ancient woodland and new, ecologically managed woodland. I am interested in bringing out mysterious or dramatic aspects of what may seem familiar.

Contact Details

Plas Esgair
SY20 9AY

0775 9181757