Lynette Margerison

Fundamentally I am a painter, but that means that I also stretch drawing and painting to the limits; I have "drawn" a one-and-a-half mile electric blue powder paint line through the city of Leeds, and worked in a similar large-scale way with non-toxic powdered pigment in Manchester and in disused scrapyards. I am responding to the history of how humans have brutally excavated and disrupted the earth's surface, acting as an outlet for what I imagine as possible responses from the planet. The title for this work is Conversations with the Earth. The work takes the form of interventions in public spaces, photographed and videos, but also there is a private creative space in the studio. The bond that I feel with the earth itself also stems from a desire to try to understand and reveal the paradox and injustices of human society. I have always looked at things from that wider perspective, relating that to personal emotions. I admire the work of Dalziel and Sculllion, Maria Neudecker, Rachel Horn and many other artists whose work evokes something to marvel and wonder at.

Creative services

Environmental art, drawing & painting

I offer workshops in environmental art, using found materials and clays, which are a holistic mix of games, observational exercises and fun. I also lead large-scale experimental painting and drawing workshops; willow lanterns, scrap sculptures & Forest Arts. I also deliver one- and two ...

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