Anne Selfe

Artists Profile From a young age I had developed a love of drawing and painting and throughout my child hood to my later teens I knew I had wanted a career in Art. I attended Harrow School of Art and then had attended for a short period the Camden Arts centre as a place to paint. Due to family commitments I had had to put my Art on hold. I had joined a software house and worked within the Computer Industry as my family grew, my commitments were to them were foremost and I followed the path of computing. As my children left to follow their own careers, I was now free to pursue my own longed for career in Art. In May 2008, I took early retirement and in the March 2009 decided to move to France to pursue my Painting. I returned to England in October 2010. My work has been influenced by painters such as-: Dali, Esher, Pre-Raphaelites, the French impressionists and the old masters. Much of my work has so far been based on my own personal observations and experiences of life.

Contact Details

Temple Avenue,
Llandrindod Wells,

01597 824021