Dean Warburton

I have been a keen artist for a long as I can remember. I am self taught and I like to work in a range of mediums, including; Clay, collage, sculpture, drawing, photograph and painting. Art is really important to me I use it to express myself and my feelings. I love trying new things and do a lot of experimenting which is how I learn new skills. Extract from text accompanying 'Nearly New' solo exhibition at The Beaufort Gallery run by Celf o Gwmpas. "Warburton is an obsessive manipulator of the everyday. A compulsive collector of stuff and an instinctive and industrious arranger of objects and words. The artist scours charity shops, salvage yards and skips in search of new materials with previous life, another purpose and reclaiming them in his work. Ladies shoes, clothes and handbags are employed in an often, humorous and enjoyable take on the nature of things. Unloved and discarded or donated, pieces of bric a brac take on a new life as landscapes and Warburton also shows us he can express himself in paint." Celf o Gwmpas -Arts Round About runs high quality visual and performing arts projects across Powys, adding creativity, colour and texture to life.

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20 Chestnut Meadow