Jude Robinson

I paint and draw because I find it very therapeutic, it is an alternative pain relief for me (I have degenerative spinal problems) and I feel totally at peace. Although I have loved art and being creative since I was a little girl, only now do I have the freedom to explore my yearning to paint on a blank canvas or draw on a blank sheet of paper. Who would have thought that my re-lighted passion would be borne out of disability? I chose to work with oils initially because I had never used them before, I wished to experience something new. I have found them very forgiving and easy to manipulate. I prefer to use brushes when I work because I love to blend colours and create textures. The images I choose to paint are taken from various photographs that family, friends or I have taken of landscapes and skies which I find the most inspirational. I then interpret those images in my own style and I know when a piece is finished when I have perfectly blended the colours together to form the overall scene. I have found my own unique style at a very early stage. My style is impressionistic with some surreal qualities on occasion, and it is recognisable by those that view my work. Every painting I undertake, whether it be my own creation or a commission, I find it to be an enjoyable challenge because no two paintings are the same. I love colour and especially to blend colours which perhaps aren't always seen together. I want to capture the tranquillity and dream-like quality of a scene because that is how I feel when I paint.

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Ash Tree Cottage
SY10 9JT