Julie Pritchard

I have been painting and drawing since I was a small child and have always had a particular interest in animals. I moved to Scotland in the nineties and began to paint more seriously and exhibited at various local arts and craft fairs as a member of 'Torisoule Crafts' a local collective of artists and crafts people. I decided to concentrate on animal portraits and completed a sizeable number whilst living in Scotland. I also displayed work at agricultural shows and in local libraries. During the latter half of the nineties and until recently I took a break from commission work whilst I had my children and two years ago moved to Powys. Last year I started accepting commissions again and took a number of orders for Christmas. At the moment I work part-time for a local company, but would ultimately like to paint full time. My free time is also spent experimenting in other forms of art and craft work, from sewing to canal art. My ultimate commission would be to decorate a narrow boat with one of my animal portraits!

Contact Details

11 Railway Terrace
Builth Road
Builth Wells